Moleskine Travel Journal: Ireland

With infrequent access to internet/television while we were exploring Ireland, we spent our evenings recounting our days through creation… and drinking beers. Mike, a man of words, filled his journal’s pages with script. Because I dare not compete with the eloquent prose of a well-read man, I pulled out my crayons to doodle.

Mike enjoyed his cozy couch cushion; I laid claim to the floor, strewn about and surrounded by paper-trinkets from our travels to recreate our day through visuals – hand drawn maps paired with soon-to-be-extinct polaroids (WHY YOU DO DIS TO ME, FUJI, WHY?) from the day’s leg of the trip.

I sincerely believe we took advantage of every opportunity to explore without the distraction of phones, computers, and televisions… except for that one rainy night in Galway when we drank beers in bed and watched European Gameshows. 10/11 nights of quiet aint bad though.

Without further adieu, a few quick scans of pages from my Moleskine Ireland Journal:

Moleskine Travel Art Journal / ©Andrea Dre L Hudson

Moleskine Journal Excerpts • Dre Lynn Hudson


Moleskine Travel Art Journal / ©Andrea Dre L Hudson


Moleskine Travel Art Journal / ©Andrea Dre L Hudson

While I wish I had taken more time to write of our experiences, I am happy to have my doodly roadmaps; they help me recall the pitstops and pauses.

The stack of Moleskines grows one journal taller…

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