I work on the Floor and my Untraditional Desktop might give you a heart attack…

exhibit a

I work on the floor: My messy desktop // DL Hudson

admit it. you love my grandma sweater.

aaand the answer key to my chaos: 


1. ONA Bag that fits more stuff than it should, but doesn’t fit my laptop. Explain yerself, ONA.
2. Printer because that’s typical for a desktop AKA my floor.
4. Scissors and random earrings because the floor is clearly the safest place for both of these items.
5. Brow Gel because gotta keep dem brows en pointe, oh, and I do my makeup on the floor, too.
6. Random Digital Print because, “here, this location on the rug looks like a good spot for that.”
7. Lipstick / Sunscreen (it puts the lotion on the skin because ginger).
8. Dry erase markers for a dry erase board with to-do lists that may or may not have been done.
9. Notebook with to-do lists that may or may not have been done.
10. Alligator Clips to organize invoices because color coding folders is fuuuun.

11. Ipad because I have fallen into Apple’s trap. Admit it, you have, too.
12. CF cards because not sure if you’ve heard but the floor is a good place for treasured photographs.
13. Froyo discount card with 9/10 punches – SO CLOSE, and business cards I never seem to hand out.
14. Clif Bar because I eat on the run. a lot.
15. Leica accessory because it goes with the Leica, but I never use it.
16. Leica M7 because I am obviously a hipster, and every hipster needs a film camera.
17. Batteries for Leica M7 because it hates me and dies all the time.
18. Plans for darkroom. That actually did happen.
19. Thing. This should be in my darkroom but it isn’t because I’ve left it on my floor.
20. Opened Mail. 

21. Darkroom test strips because I keep all of them; I have no idea why.
22. Small moleskine for small notes. or something.
23. Planner so my life stays organized, and I know when I worked. This is important.
24. A wine opener. Because wine. Also, a beer opener. Because beer.
25. Lenspen because I try to keep lenses clean.
26. Tape for taping shit on my walls when I shouldn’t and in my journal when I should.
28. Similar to #22 but purple. For purple notes.
29. Darkroom journal. This is where all of the #21’s should be placed by the #26 item.
30. Car keys because why not throw them on the floor to get lost amongst all the other shit.

31. Car Insurance card. The second copy is in my wallet and/or car because I am responsible.
32. A backpack, so I can dream of adventures I probably can’t afford.
33. Cotton glove because dust. This does not belong on the floor.
34. Boxes of prints because that’s my hobby. See #16 Re: Hipster status.
35. Watercolors because if it’s raining, I paint shit. 
36. Glowsticks. Ten of them. For the next birthday party or dinner party or night in alone.
37. A text book that I paid too much for and now use to press/flatten items in the #34.
38. Experiments with painting on prints because I think I am an artist
39. Glasses because my license tells me I need to wear them to see.
40. Me. I am a part of this mess. And I like to wear grandma sweaters.
41. Newly purchased items because I really need to add to the pile surrounding me.

All joking aside, I am making a lot of changes this year and I couldn’t be more excited for what’s next. One of those changes is minimizing the clutter in my life.

I follow-up every “Come on over!” with “BUT you should know my apartment is a complete disaster.” And, I mean it. Even after shoving my piles of random crap behind a Monica Geller-esque closet door that I can barely close and is always locked…  my apartment is and always will be cluttered with more crap. Well, I guess I shouldn’t label it “crap.” It is stuff I use…  but do I need it? Any of it? Probably not.

Recently, in an attempt to de-clutter my life and mind, I have taken steps toward downsizing. Yes, downsizing. Serious downsizing…. WE’RE TALKING DONATING THREE(!) FORD FIESTA CAR-FULLS OF STUFF. That’s like at least one half of a normal-sized car-full of stuff. That’s a lot of stuff for a one bedroom apartment.

And even though I am moving forward to limit the number of accouterments you may find collecting dust or marking my madness, I find there are even more items mocking my inability to do the aforementioned task completely. It’s not that I can’t be rid of these items, I can… I’m pretty sure I can anyway. Over the past few weeks, I have donated most of my clothing and boxes of random shit. It feels really, really good. Yet, somehow I find I am a lawn ornament myself. Even if I clean every week, there it is… on the floor… a placeholder for my rumpus… an empty spot secured by the framing of random “crap.” 

But here’s the deal: that placeholder reminds me of a productive homebase…. the location I accomplish most responsible deeds… invoicing, emailing, journaling, maybe a little Netflix watching, etc.  These are all productive-ish activities, right? Right. Productive or not, to the outside world, this crater might symbolize the explosion of a chaotic, disorganized renter. How does this make sense? I swear I get stuff done in my messy crater.

Am I more creative in chaos or is that just an excuse?

A few years ago, I saw an article entitled, “It’s not mess; It’s creativity.” published in The New York Times.  More recently, I saw this one: “The Psychology Behind Messy Rooms: Why more Creative People Flourish in Clutter.”  Now, as much as I would love to justify all of my home-related chaos by citing these articles, I won’t do it because my messes drive me absolutely bonkers. Two weeks will go by and a bomb as gone off in my home. Let’s be honest, if my landlord walked in, he wouldn’t find this shit charming or the “expression” of a creative mind. I don’t blame him. It’s overwhelming.

The point of this is a blog post is to remind myself I am not perfect. It’s okay to have a little chaos. BUT ONLY A LITTLE, ANDREA.  Apparently, a little mess is conducive to creativity. BUT I need to keep in mind I should continue downsizing and keeping the chaos to a small crater size — like three foot perimeter. That’s where I am drawing the line.

So, yeah, that’s my desktop AKA my floor: the place where I get my shit done. “Creative” or not, this is it. My crater evolves weekly, but there’s always a blank space for my tuchus.

Well, unless I am having friends over… at which point I stuff all evidence of my messiness in my monica gellar closet.

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