Cyanotype with Forgotten Negatives

A few months ago, I found a roll of unfinished film hiding inside my Holga. It had been hiding for some time… three years to be precise. When I say “hiding” I mean, the toy camera had fallen behind a bookcase. There it sat, collecting dust. Oops. On the roll were these two shots.

Cyanotype, Holga

I imagine the roots of the trees entangled between the frames.

footnotes: Holga + Ilford HP5 400 // Processed in HC110-E

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Dre Lynn Hudson is a Milwaukee native who loves the magic of light, conversation with strangers, and fish tacos. She is drawn to the quirky details of seemingly simple surroundings, and aims to capture the quiet and contemplative moments around her. You can find Dre eating the world with her eyes and keeping rhythm with the shutter. Dre is a freelance commercial photography assistant, who happens to carry her camera everywhere she goes. When she isn't assisting, she is working on a few personal projects to satiate her hungry eyes and eager fingertips.

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