Coffee Toned Darkroom Prints

It’s almost too simple: a large pot of strong coffee (I used day-old coffee) + a few prints immediately following their final wash. Time, temperature, and paper-type will yield varying effects on the final print. Make sure you do a final wash/rinse to eliminate any excess coffee!

Below are a few experimental darkroom prints I toned in coffee:


Coffee Toned Darkroom Prints // ©DL Hudson

Coffee Toned Darkroom print of “Mr. Love,” Ilford MG IV Fiber Matt, 30 minutes of toning.


Coffee Toned Darkroom Prints // ©DL Hudson

Coffee Toned Darkroom Print. A bit different because RC paper. 3 hours toning time.


Coffee Toned Darkroom Print // ©DL Hudson 2015

Coffee Toned Darkroom Print // Ilford MG IV Fiber Matt, Coffee toned for 1 hour


Want a visual basic on the “How To?” Here’s a Youtube video by The Art of Photography outlining his methods for toning darkroom prints with both coffee and tea. Organic methods for adding a little somethin-somethin to your darkroom prints. Check it out!

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