A Month Without a Laptop Has its Upsides.

TL;WR: I am too reliant on my laptop, a hydrophobic binary wizard. When I don’t have one, I make “art.”


39 days, actually… February 28 through April 7th. That’s a long time… let me tell you. Sure, I had my phone [and occasionally an ipad] to send emails and cruise Reddit… but everything else was on hold.

The reason(s) I was without a laptop to begin with are not as important as the realizations I am currently experiencing while reflecting on those days. AKA. I’d rather not discuss in depth my idiocy; I’d prefer to blabber about the opportunities for creation that became of my idiocy. !Silver Lining!

For those interested, the Cliff notes version: remember how I oh-so-adore to work on the floor? I bet you would have guessed the following fact because you are far wiser than I will ever be: put glass of water far from laptop. laptop no likey water.

Another life lesson learned.

No matter. It was time for an upgrade, and, as it turns out, without the convenience of Netflix summoning my name, I actually got shit done. I’m not blaming you, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, specifically you, Charlie. I’m only saying I enjoy your company a little too much.

If you’re wondering, why 39 days? The simple answer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M8KrUWeBt_s

It all worked out in the end. Today marked day 10 of a friendship with a brand new and dry MBP. For some reason, it took me 10 days with my computer to realize what I had accomplished in the 39 days without one. Or maybe I had cabin fever. We’ll never know. In any case, I made shit.

Today, while catching up on digitizing prints, doodles, journal entries, and other crap I accumulated in those 39 days, I realized how voracious my appetite for creativity was in that time. Granted, this is likely due to afternoons and evenings with idle hands and hungry eyes… afternoons and evenings when my eager fingertips would generally reach for the keyboard to Google Search that day’s curiosity or scroll through Facebook’s Newsfeed. In those moments, my fingertips had to reach for and create with the reality in front of me, as opposed to the seemingly endless, virtual “reality” discoverable on the interwebs. So, I created.

I spent time in my darkroom. I painted on my floor. I illustrated concepts. I dreamt of avenues for an ongoing personal project. I journaled. I stayed hungry. That could be interpreted as a double entendre. And while I am sure I found ways to waste time on my phone, I am only realizing right now that in those 39 days I created more than I have all year. I didn’t create much to write home about, but, hey, at least I tried.

While I do realize it is ironic to be typing this post on my laptop — the very tool that is allowing me to present these thoughts excitedly is the same tool I wish to use less frequently — I also realize it is important we close these little beasts once in a while to create with our hands. After all, those are great tools, too. So, that’s what I’m doing. Signing off. Back to the office — AKA my floor.

Who knew 39 [incredibly frustrating] days without a laptop would yield such retrospection?

End note: Yes, I do acknowledge some of this comes down to willpower… but have you lived in Milwaukee during February?!

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